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  • Lughnasadh – Give Thanks

    Lughnasadh – First Harvest

    Lughnasadh or Lammas is a time to celebrate the first harvest of the year – the harvest of the grain.

    As a child I lived in suburban London, sadly removed from the natural rhythms of the countryside. But I do have fond memories of staying in caravans during the long school summer holidays. I was always fascinated by watching the combine harvesters bringing in the grain harvest.

    Today, the sight of the ripened grain waiting to be harvested still fills me with that same sense of awe and wonderment that I experienced in my childhood. I am reminded of the miracle of how nature provides for us each and every day of our lives.

    A time to give thanks.

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    Overcoming Diaster


    Big Oooooops! A few days ago when I was updating the software on my site, it crashed and deleted all my posts, images and other content!

    So …. I’m taking this opportunity to rethink what I want on the site and how I’m going to use it. I’m busy reconstructing the site from scratch and hope to have it running again soon … please be patient with me!

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